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The power lies within each of us to THINK, to make responsible CHOICES, and to CREATE and direct our lives toward SUCCESSFUL RESULTS!

Joe put on JoeGCounseling site Counseling & Life Coaching pageChange the way you think. 

Every person – preteen, teen, young adult and parent – has the innate power to DREAM.  As well, unlike any other species on this planet, humans have the “great gift” to harness one’s mind to THINK. Therefore, we all have the power to use our mind to think, to create and to make our dreams a reality. Joe Gandolfo, with his insightful ability to relate to and connect with young people, offers the knowledge, vision and motivation to help every person reach their fullest potential.

Find your voice, and define your own success.

Young people today have an overwhelming number of influences which confront them, and these influences can pull them of the track of success.  Many pre-teens, teens and young adults do not grasp and understand the destructive potential of these challenges and some of the choices they make. Adults often view young people as inept, defiant, oppositional, rebellious, lacking in ability, immature, irresponsible, unwilling to “grow up” or not ready for “the real world”.   Regardless of the “rap” on today’s young people – Joe recognizes the unlimited potential which lives inside of all of us!  Joe teaches young people to find their voice, define their own ideas of success, and embrace these challenges as growth opportunities which will allow them to mature, evolve and reach positive goals. He awakens in young people their innate ability to embrace their power, and create their own success.

Recognize that children change, and do your part stay connected.

Our kids are constantly changing.  It’s every parent’s greatest challenge.  Just when you get into a rhythm with your child, he or she moves on to a new stage and everything changes again.  Parents find themselves scrambling to catch up, to understand, to reconnect.  Our children are continuously growing and changing, therefore parents have to make a choice.  Either you grow with them, or you lose touch. What’s your choice?

You have the power.  Embrace it!

Whether you are a preteen, teen, young adult or parent, experience the value of Joe’s success coaching in your own life.  He challenges out dated paradigms and faulty thinking and introduces powerful life-changing ideas with a motivational perspective.  You will begin recognizing the abundant opportunities life offers, and through focused and responsible daily decision-making, you will achieve great success and create the life of your dreams.