About Joe Gandolfo, M.A., LPC

Teen Life & Parenting Expert

Joe Gandolfo is a conveyor of powerful ideas and principles that change lives.  He is on a mission to champion the greatest “GIFTS” in today’s world – our youth, teenagers and young adults, as well as to rally, strengthen and energize the adults – parents, educators, helping professionals and organizations – who work with and care about our young people.

For 25 years, Joe has engaged the human experience as a licensed counselor, success coach, author, seminar leader and professional speaker. He has coached, counseled and spoken to thousands of individuals and groups including youth, teenagers, collegiate student-athletes, professional athletes, adults, parents, educators, public and private schools, organizations and associations.

He has firsthand knowledge of the many growth challenges and the continual decisions human face, but he more importantly understands the abundant opportunities that surround pre-teens, teens, young adults, parents and educators.

Joe Gandolfo delivers life-changing ideas for preteens, teens, young adults, parents and educators. Through counseling, success coaching, keynote speeches, seminars and various educational materials, Joe educates, inspires and sets the foundation for successful living.

His powerful and motivational messages teach us all how to embrace our innate power, how to harness and focus our thinking, and how to leverage the power of “choice” to overcome challenges, and seize the abundant opportunities for growth.  He encourages, challenges and supports his clients’ innate ability to embrace and leverage personal responsibility for directing one’s path, to unleash the great potential that is one’s birthright and to create solid and lasting success.

Joe firmly believes that there is structure to success, and his programs lead young people to reach their greatest potential.  As a professional speaker, success coach, seminar leader, motivational counselor and author, Joe challenges preteens, teens and young adults to make effective decisions and build their lives in positive ways.  He also provides parents, educators and helping professionals with the insight, ideas and information they need to understand, communicate with and support young people.

Joe is the CEO and President of Joseph Gandolfo Enterprises, Inc., a professional speaking, training, counseling/success coaching and consulting organization which was established in 1994.  He is the co-founder & Executive Director of Seeds of Greatness, Inc. 501(3)c and is the founder and CEO of The Successful Parenting Academy.

Education and Certifications
Joe earned a Masters of Arts in Psychology with an emphasis in human growth and potential, from the University of West Georgia.  He is licensed as a Professional Counselor in the State of Georgia.

Joe served as a consultant to the Homer Rice Center for Sports Performance at Georgia Tech (2000 -2007), and as an adjunct professor for both Georgia Tech (1996 – 2000) and Georgia State University (2006).  His clients have included the 1000′s of pre-teens, teenagers, young adults and families, as well the Georgia Tech Athletic Association, Rockdale County Schools, The Lovett School, Cobb County Schools, SAPA, Cobb Teen Leadership, YMCA, The National Speakers Association, Alabama Public School System, Licensed Counselor Association of Georgia, Childcare Resource Network, Georgia Tech, University of Clemson, Georgia State University, University of West Georgia, National Speakers Association, PGA of America, The National Association of Golf Coaches and Educators, Milwaukee Brewers, Coca-Cola, SouthCoast Hospitals, Owens-Corning,  MPI Georgia Chapter and numerous middle schools, high schools & associations.

Professional Memberships
Joe is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), the NSA Georgia Chapter, the Cobb County Intervention Prevention Coalition, Optimists International and Toastmasters International.  He has served as a board member to the NSA Georgia Chapter, the National Association of Golf Coaches and Educators, the Cherokee Toastmasters, and the Towne Lake Business Association.